Pablo Heras-Casado’s “My Musical History” playlist now available on Primephonic

Pablo Heras-Casado’s personal curated playlist titled “My Musical History” is now available on the classical music streaming platform¬†Primephonic. He described his playlist as works that “made a huge impact on me as a conductor, but that also, in my opinion, demonstrate the historical evolution of musical styles, and the development of instruments and techniques.”

“Starting with the music of the medieval poet and composer Guillaume de Machaut, these masterpieces span across seven centuries, taking us on a musical journey from the 1300s all the way up to the 20th Century, and the towering personality of Pierre Boulez, who was also my teacher and mentor. Every piece on this playlist has played an important role in my life, many of which I have conducted as well. I hope you enjoy!”

Learn more about Pablo’s “My Musical History” playlist via Primephonic.