Ayuda en Accion

Pablo Heras-Casado joins Ayuda en Acción to support their charity and development work in Spain and throughout the world. As part of the collaboration, the Granada native will travel to Latin America to experience first-hand how Ayuda en Acción is generating new opportunities and strengthening the capabilities of millions of people. Pablo will also support Ayuda en Acción’s fight against child poverty in Spain, and he will participate in the organization’s musical projects, which foster social development and integration, in addition to serving as a means for fellow citizens to show solidarity.

Ayuda en Acción is an independent, non-party and non-denominational Non- Governmental Development Organisation (NGDO), created in Spain as an Association for International Cooperation in 1981 to promote structural changes aimed at the eradication of poverty and injustice in the world. Learn more about the organization here.